Friday, December 2, 2016

Story Journal

Okay, I have this notebook just sitting on my night stand that I never use and one day, I had this amazing idea that I could use that notebook for short stories.  Sometimes, I come up with random story ideas at random moments.  I think on one of the first pages I'll put short story ideas then I'll start expanding on those ideas later in the notebook.  It is a good idea that you write down your short story ideas down because I have had many great ideas and not write them down then forget them.  I already have stared putting random thought and questions in the notebook.
I think this notebook will really help me with writing assignments inside school.  My problem with writing projects is that sometimes my sentences sound choppy and don't flow together.  So I hope this notebook will help me with that problem.
I talked about this notebook to one of my friends just to see how she thought about the whole idea and she went crazy over it.  She made the suggestion that she could do it too and than at the end of the year we could trade notebooks and read each others stories.
So, if the Story Journal seems like something your interested you should try it.  All you need is a notebook and a pencil!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sugar Bears

For Christmas my parents got me and my sister some new animals called sugar bears. My family got a them by a company called PocketPets. Sugar bears or sugar gliders are cute little marsupials at originally came from, Australia, New Guinea, and some Indonesia islands. The Latin name transferred means "short-headed rope-dancer" probably because they jump and climb all over.
(All of the following is only if you get a sugar bear from PocketPets). When you first get a sugar bear you also get a carrier bag for your new sugar bear(s). You need a cage for them and I believe the cage comes with your purchase. It the cage you get a food bowl, water bottle, and a heat rock (you should have a heat rock because sugar bears are used to warm climates). I recommend having a wheel, other play toys, and a heat-lamp as an alternative heat source.
Sugar Bears are nocturnal but, if you play with them a lot during the day you could change their sleeping habits. They also make different kinds of noises. When they're scared they make a noise that kind of sounds like a hum/seal noise. To make them feel safe you should hold them tighter and rock back and forth. To prevent them from being scared don't make sudden movement. Another sound that sugar bears make is a "bark". The first time I heard it I thought there was a dog in the house. They usually bark at night.
Sugar bears are bonding animals so they are not like a hamster that only cares if you feed it. It could take 2 weeks to about 3 mouths for a sugar bear to bound with its owner.
In conclusion, I think a sugar bear is a great pet to have.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Hi! Welcome to my blog! This is my first post so, I'm a little nervous about this whole blogging thing and I don't know exactly what I will be blogging about so I guess we'll just wing it. Some topics I might blog about are my daily life, my sister's disability, my new pets (sugar bears), and what happening in my life.
Right now I'm finishing a book called Divergent and I love it. Yesterday my family went to Walmart. I had a ten dollar gift card so I looked in the movie section of Walmart and found the movie Divergent for five dollars and The Never Ending Story one and two for five dollars so it worked out perfectly!
I love to read, horseback ride, herd cattle, spend time with my animals, and go to school. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Thanks.